Birmingham Stage Company


22 July 2021

We’re having a very tough time in the theatre world but when it works, it’s like walking on air. Yesterday I had the rather wonderful experience of an easy morning at home, opening our West End production of Billionaire Boy in the afternoon in the company of the author himself and then heading up to Warwickshire for a night’s rest before travelling to Bridlington for my first performance in Barmy Britain – Part Five! I reached Warwickshire just in time to watch the sun set on a gloriously sunny day – an orange ball of fire dipping out of a pale sky. It was a stunning end to just about the most perfect day. My four-hour train ride up to Bridlington was actually fun and I arrived in time to do one staggered dress rehearsal before the opening performance. We played the theatre here last November and it immediately became one of my favourite venues in the world – the connection with the audience is so easy and the focus so intense. The brilliant Southside restaurant opposite has survived the pandemic to serve up the most wonderful food before curtain up, and after the show I had the treat of walking to my digs along the sea front. Amidst all the troubles we’re facing in this business, it feels like a dream.

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