Birmingham Stage Company


15 April 2021

Theatre life has its own particular stresses and problems but when you finally get out on the road, you’re reminded why it’s the best job in the world. I’ve spent this week launching three different productions and travelling around this amazing country with one of my favourite actors, Morgan Philpott, performing two different shows to an audience of cars. Meanwhile my fabulous cast from Billionaire Boy is at the same venue each day getting ready to perform the afternoon shows to even more cars. Along the way I’ve been able to see some of my closest friends. Tomorrow I’m performing in front of the headmaster of my secondary school, who is driving over with his wife to see the show. This evening I was walking around the city of Wells with my mouth open, taking in a city I’ve never visited before – exactly why touring is so invigorating. Acting is certainly one of the hardest professions in which to thrive, but when it works, it’s unbeatable.

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