Birmingham Stage Company


03 February 2009

I must admit I despaired when the news came through at 6pm on Monday that Birmingham City Council had decided to close all its schools on Tuesday - the day after the snow fall! Do they never learn? I looked out the window at midnight and there was no snow falling. I looked out the window at 6am - no snow falling. Not one flake of it. In fact, no snow at all, just a beautiful sunny morning. Thank goodness the children of Birmingham had been saved from sunburn.

Something so strange and sad is happening to this country. Everyone is terrified. It's amazing that anyone is brave enough to get out of bed, considering all the dangers our leaders insist are out there. I'm not that old, but I know it wasn't like this 20 years ago. Even 10 years ago. What happened? Who decided we should all live in fear? Whoever it was, it's working.

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