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01 July 2007

I've just seen the new PIRATES movie. What a mess! How can you waste so much money on such convaluted, unengaging, over-produced rubbish. It's strange: if you wait until the end of the credits, there is a final short scene in which you can see the kernal of an engaging story. So why didn't they concentrate on telling one good story that could actually involve you emotionally, instead of relying on mutiple plots, special effects, weak jokes and dodgy accents? Why did they think it necessary to kill-off the simple art of storytelling?

But what do I know? The film took $400 million in the first two days. Which is more than I earn in a year!

We have 0.005% of the their budget to create our production of TREASURE ISLAND. I actually think we have a chance of doing a better job. We shall sea!

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