Birmingham Stage Company

Peter O'Toole

29 November 2010

Back in the early 90's I interviewed some well known actors to help raise money for the BSC. One of them was Peter O'Toole. Here's something interesting he had to say...

O'Toole: "I know it's a risky business. If you can do it, you're all right because when the jobs don't come - and they often don't - it's still alright. It's the poor buggers who can't do it who suffer. They don't know what's wrong, they can't solve the problems, their lives are a misery. The chief problem for most actors is that only a dozen can really do it."

 Me: "You are among that dozen?"

 O'Toole: "Yes. I use 'a dozen' figuratively. A very small minority. So when I don't get work, I go home and read a book and I'm alright because I know that I can do it."

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