Birmingham Stage Company

Oxford ho!

16 July 2006

So those of you out there who lives near Oxford - we're here this week and would love to see you! Word of mouth on this tour has been remarkable. Contrary to what you would expect, shows for children often take less money during the week they are playing than in the weeks leading up to the show, as parents need time to book in advance. Not HORRIBLE HISTORIES! Last week Edinburgh took more than double its average the week we were there, entirely due to word of mouth.

I loved the Edinburgh Playhouse. Its huge - 3000 seats - but it really works. You are easily able to engage with the audience and the theatre doesn't lose its intimacy with the actor. One of the great pleasures of this tour has been playing all the different theatres - and York, Sunderland and Edinburgh are certainly my favourites of the tour (York and Sunderland having been built by the Victorian Frank Matcham, the greatest theatre designer this country has ever seen! He was certainly not a VILE VICTORIAN!).

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