Birmingham Stage Company

New Laughs

5 August 2006

It's a strange thing to find three new laughs in one week - and they are fabulous new moments in the show. But it makes you wonder what other laughs are lurking within the show, waiting to be discovered. If you can make 600 people laugh loudly in a place where there was previously silence, could there be other unearthed treasures just waiting to be found. Of course there's no prize in creating an inappropriate laugh that takes people 'out' of the play, but having found three this week, there must surely be others. The problem is that discoveries of this kind are usually accidental and often unrepeatable because you are sometimes unsure as to what exactly caused the laugh - the feed? the situation? the unconscious look? With only a week of the tour left to go, I'll probably have to settle for what I've got so far. But you never know..!

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