Birmingham Stage Company


16 December 2012

I'm struck by the thought that 9/11's horrific events killed 2996 people. Each year. before and since then, about 9,000 Americans shoot each other with hand guns. So since 2001, some 100,000 Americans have killed each other with guns. Following 9/11, America launched wars against Afghanistan and Iraq - killing thousands of children along the way it should be said - to stop the events of 9/11 happening again, but has done nothing to try and stop thousands of American's shooting each other every year. One must draw the conclusion that American society loves guns - and loves the right to shoot each other - more than it loves its own people and 9,000 more people are going to be shot before next Christmas. That's the equivalent of three 9/11's in the coming months - and Americans are now preparing themselves to do absolutely nothing to change it.

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