Birmingham Stage Company

Four Shows

21 February 2008

Of course this is when it starts to get mad. We have four shows performing this week - all for children - all over the country. What's more - they're all receiving a great reaction. We have noticed this year just how determined each cast has been to deliver the very best performance, each and every show. There is a temptation in long runs to start playing around with the production. It is a hugely destructive temptation which can wreak havoc on a play. On occasion we have had to address this issue with individual cast members. Not this year. Their dedication to the spirit of the production has impressed practitioners from every sphere of the profession. It's a great credit not only to the cast, but to everyone involved, as each contributer has imbued their own serious purpose into the enterprise.

But it isn't going to get any easier in the short term. By April we will have five different productions in performance. I hope you can catch one!

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