Birmingham Stage Company


12 June 2020

Like all theatre companies, the current task for the BSC is to survive. We are fortunate to have a big project in the planning for spring 2021 and so our aim is to stay alive until we can get there. It’s going to take about £250,000 to keep the company going over this period, which will more than exhaust our reserves, so it’s going to be a hard and painful slog. One glimmer in the immediate horizon is our invitation to join, a new venture from the Coalition Agency to present Drive-In comedy, music and theatre. So we’re busy rehearsing Horrible Histories – Barmy Britain to perform in car parks across the country. This unique aspect of the show brought the New York Times to spend a day with us in Birmingham, writing and photographing the process, which will be published online on Monday. Most importantly, I’m having a ball working with the actor Morgan Philpott and our production manager Adrian Littlejohns, as the three of us put the show together. And at the beginning of July you’ll be able to drive up to see the show – the only live theatre show in the UK that weekend – and then on to more venues. Whatever else, it’s going to be an event!

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