Birmingham Stage Company


16 August 2020

Just back after three days and four hundred miles to do six shows in north and south Devon. It was such a treat to perform at three wonderful venues – Powderham Castle, Tapeley Park and The Big Sheep – looked after by the Plough Arts Centre who organised two of the events, while Car Park Party sorted the castle. Given the on-going trauma of being part of an industry in collapse, it was so invigorating to be acting in front of a live audience again who weren’t confined to their cars. Never has performing felt so blissfully easy after communicating through windshields. We’re back to windshields this week in Enfield then stationing ourselves at the end of a pier in Battersea for a week of outdoor shows. It will feel like nothing has changed, when everything is changing. This year has given so many a chance to assess their lives and I can therefore be certain that I couldn’t have been doing anything more enjoyable than driving from one venue to the next to perform with my fabulous colleagues Morgan and Adrian (and Sara!). And as we charged around the country, it was astonishing to walk into a room at Tapeley and see a helmet from the Charge of the Light Brigade that belonged to one of only three officers to survive the battle – one of the many treats of an epic three days!

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