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An Amazing Adventure

18 August 2008

This September the BSC celebrates it's 16th anniversary - and faces the toughest twelve months of its history. 2008 will be the busiest year we've ever had, with nine productions, performing in Birmingham, London and on tour nationally and internationally. But at the same time the credit crunch is making itself felt and we are not the only British company saying: "We've never experienced anything like this before".

Our intention is to ensure that all our forthcoming shows are among the best we've ever produced - it seems the only proper response to these very tough times. No compromises!

We're extremely fortunate that several months ago we chose four new shows which have extraordinary potential. THE JUNGLE BOOK opens in a fortnight and we've been working on the production for six months to ensure this revival of our hit show is better than ever before. Only time will tell whether we've achieved this goal, but all the signs are extremely positive. Southend, here we come!

Next up will be SKELLIG...

... which is already anticipated with such eagerness from the creative team that we can't wait for rehearsals to start mid-September. Not only that, but it is defying the credit crunch with excellent advance sales and looks like it is going to prove hugely popular.

WHY THE WHALES CAME opens while SKELLIG is in London and this beautiful adaptation by Greg Banks is a gem. Following the National's success with WAR HORSE, we feel very lucky to be producing one of Michael Morpurgo's best loved stories and if it's anything like KENSUKE'S KINGDOM, it's an experience no-one will forget.

Early in 2009 comes the new HORRIBLE HISTORIES - World War One and World War Two. These are two mega-huge productions, which will be launched together, are going to be the biggest production test we all face, not least because they are very big subjects to put onto a stage. But the first drafts of the scripts are already delivered and it looks like being an amazing adventure for everyone involved.

The next six months are going to be a test for the company, but we couldn't have four better plays, creative teams or better acting companies to be working with, and we aim to give our audiences the very best theatre they can expect to see.

(...not forgetting ELMER which is visiting Dubai and Horsham later in the year)


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