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24 December 2008

By any reckoning, we're ending the year in pretty good shape! Today there are performances of three excellent BSC shows - JUNGLE BOOK, WHY THE WHALES CAME and ELMER, in London, Birmingham and Horsham - and we've also produced SKELLIG, GEORGE'S MARVELLOUS MEDICINE, TREASURE ISLAND, HORRIBLE HISTORIES on tour and HORRIBLE HISTORIES Nottingham. Next year beckons with plenty to get excited about!

The downturn has probably come into effect, but the last four months have performed better than I feared in September, meaning we're in no worse shape than we were when the pips started to squeak. 2009 is clearly going to be the test - I think it's going to be horrific for all businesses - including many in the business of show.

Our equally exciting plans for 2010 mean that our task is to get there! But not at any cost: I remain convinced that the only strategy worth pursuing is providing the very best theatre we can, without compromise, so our audiences can continue to trust us. That trust is probably going to be more important than ever as people choose where to spend their hard-earned cash.

2009 will be our 17th year. That's starting to feel like quite a long time. If we can keep having as much as fun as we've had over the last 17 years, then I'll be happy!

Postscript: Arena are presenting a programme on Paul Scofield tonight. I miss him.

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