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Monthly Archives: July 2011


I always wonder why there is always so little mention of the psychopathic condition when events occur of the type that have happened in Norway. It was playing Iago in 2007 that led me to study psychopathy – and to discover with amazement that Shakespeare fully understood a condition that wasn’t formally diagnosed until 1940 – and not properly [...]
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A second chance

David Cameron says he wanted to give Andy Coulson a second chance. When I was about 12 I remember my father driving me to school and telling me never to give anyone a second chance. I protested. He explained he didn’t mean don’t give them a second chance when someone had made an honest mistake [...]
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I am very unsure about the move towards broadcasting live shows over the digital network to audiences around the country. It seems to me the essential nature of theatre is its live component. But not just for its own sake. Theatre is about communication between the actors on stage and the audience: a three way [...]
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