Birmingham Stage Company

Horrible Histories Tudors and Victorians

In 2005 the BSC produced the first ever HORRIBLE HISTORIES show live on stage and in 2015 we were proud to celebrate our Tenth Anniversary of HH shows with a special gala performance of BARMY BRITAIN at The Garrick featuring Terry Deary and Martin Brown.

"Mortgage the school if you have to. Ransom the governors, even. No child, or adult, should be denied the chance to see this: live theatre - and history - at its rip-roaring best."
Times Educational Supplement

From the horrible Henries to the end of evil Elizabeth, hear the legend (and the lies!) about the torturing Tudors. Find out the fate of Henry's headless wives and his punch up with the Pope. Survive the Spanish Armada as it sails into the audience!

Could you be a Victorian historian? What exactly did a baby farmer do? Can you escape the misery of the mines or the filth of the factories? Do your best to dodge the rotten railway and prepare for the Charge of the Light Brigade.

It's kid's theatre with the nasty bits left in!

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