Birmingham Stage Company

Horrible Histories Barmy Britain

Horrible Histories brings the bloody story of Britain throbbingly alive in this hilarious show from the excellent Birmingham Stage Company. Bloody, marvellous stuff!
 - The Daily Express

Is this any way for children to learn about history? Too right it is! If lessons were always like this, kids would be queuing up at the school gates every morning. Be Thrilled!
- The Times

As gleefully vulgar as a Roman poo stick! It's perfectly horrid and my daughter loved it!
- The Daily Mail

Heartily enjoyable and loudly appreciated. Britain seems not so much 'barmy' as barbarous. bloodthirsty and stark raving bonkers- -Time Out

A theatrical romp with the squelchiest sound effects on the London stage
- The Guardian

Blood, guts and gross gags - a sharp 60 minutes through centuries of our island's barminess!
- Evening Standard

Every child whatever age will gather some juicy titbit of historical information and that is the genius of the concept. We loved it and would happily go back for more!

Delightful, charming and full of humour, this is a great new kids show for the West End

I enjoyed contagious songs and funny skits with one of the most diverse audiences I've come across in the West End. An excellent show by two awe-inspiring performers.

Two exceptional story tellers in a non-stop, action packed show and just what the West End needs.

A delightful production. If history lessons were presented in a similar manner, history would certainly triumph.

A thoroughly entertaining show for kids and adults of all ages. Don't miss it!

In this one hour production I learned more about British history than I have in the eleven years I've lived in the UK. My daughter and I continued to talk and learn for days after seeing it.
-British Theatre Guide

The energy supplied by the two actors is electric, the material is engaging and the show is hilarious - even for the adults. An opportunity to ignite your child's interest in history could not be found in a more entertaining way.

What a show! Racing through various kings and queen, invasions with executions, diseases and affairs of the night thrown in, TerryDeary's books have translated brilliantly to the stage.
-West End Extra