Birmingham Stage Company

Horrible Histories - A Brand New Barmy Britain

21 February 2019 – 2 June 2019

"Neal Foster has adapted Terry Deary's fun history books for young children into a raucous, fast-paced experience, with lots of fart gags. But the timing is also key and Foster and Spargo's performances are as personable and hilarious as they come. It's snappy, silly and a lot of fun!"

"Take your children or maybe just go by yourself. It's a blood-stained, bubo-pocked hogshead of laughs with fascinating details of the darker side of life across 1,000 years of Britain's torment in Foster's crackling script!"
The Morning Star

"If you want to truly sample what an Elizabethan theatrical experience was like, forget Shakespeare’s Globe or the Royal Shakespeare Company. Head instead to the Apollo, where you will find a frenzied audience baying for hangings, cackling with glee as nails are pulled out and heads lopped off. Horrible Histories is back, channelling Monty Python, the Reduced Shakespeare Company and Punch and Judy along the way. The standout moment is a James I Bake Off-inspired skit which drew peals of laughter from the audience. It was also fascinating. You could feel young imaginations being fired. And the closing number must be just about the most politically edgy thing in the West End."
The Times

"Barmy Britain has the distinction of being the only show in London theatreland history to launch a fourth sequel and the fun and games have lost none of their zest and energy. Few would fail to be engaged by this energetic duo who dash out the puns, the wordplay and the songs with uncompromising skill and dedication."
Radio Times

"Neal Foster has been working on the Barmy Britain series since 2012 and has perfected creating engaging theatre for children. It’s funny, a little bit gross, informative and loved by all!"

"Truly entertaining and humorous with fantastic performances by Neal Foster and Anthony Spargo. What a fabulous and quirky way to take us through British history!"
The Artiscape 

"Horrible Histories are the best thing to have happened to children’s history ever. The superb Neal Foster and Anthony Spargo delight, inform and entertain to make history hilarious." 

"As we exited the Apollo theatre, a young boy exclaimed "That was soooooo exciting!"! Horrible Histories turns historical lessons into hilarious, memorable events which have you howling and learning in equal measure! It provides everything you could wish for, brings a genuine smile to your face and it's children's theatre of the highest degree!"

"This hilarious and silly show captures the spirit of the HH books perfectly with plenty for adults and children to enjoy. It never talks down to the children - it's immensely entertaining, educational and brings sheer joy!"