Birmingham Stage Company

Groovy Greeks & Incredible Invaders

14 January 2016 – 16 July 2016


INCREDIBLE INVADERS takes you through the chronological story of Britain starting from the Roman invasion of AD43, exploring the impact the Romans had on Britain, the conquest of the country, including Hadrian’s Wall and the resistance led by Caratacus and Boudicca. We find out about Roman roads and towns, place names, discovering what the Romans gave Britain and why they left. We learn the reason for the Anglo-Saxon invasions, their settlements and kingdoms, including place names, laws and justice, village life and Sutton Hoo. Viking longboat raids ensue followed by their settlement and struggle for domination against the Anglo-Saxons, particularly Alfred the Great and the Battle of Edington. We explore further Viking invasions, the places in Danelaw and the reasons for Danegeld, leading to Viking Kings and the Norman attack in the Battle of Hastings. This two hour show is a fantastic overview of the making of Britain in a spectacularly dramatic and memorable presentation to help you cover the new history curriculum.

GROOVY GREEKS takes you a thrilling adventure through Greek civilisation starting with the Mycenaeans as we journey to Troy to see the Trojan horse. We discover the differences between growing up in Sparta and Athens and how the two cities dominated the country. We take part in a Greek play and join competitors in the first ever Olympic games. We learn about slaves, discover democracy and meet the great philosophers and thinkers Socrates, Aristotle, Archimedes and Pythagorus. We enter a Greek hospital to test ancient medicine and get treated by Hippocrates. The Greek gods Zeus, Poseidon, Aphrodite and Athena compete for our attention and we enter the world of myth to confront the Minotaur of Crete. When the Persians invade we face them at Thermopylae and take to the seas to shatter their ships at Salamis. This two hour show is a fantastic journey into Ancient Greece in a gripping production to help you cover the new history curriculum, featuring extraordinary 3D effects to help bring this ancient civilisation to life.


"A fantastic experience. Very informative and presented in an engaging way. It gave an in-depth insight into the different periods which will be very useful, with just right amount of detail to be informative and entertaining. The children had a brilliant time".
St Albans School

"Very fun and informative. All of the children were engaged. A very good overview of the key events of the period which makes teaching much easier and allows for more to be covered. The war in Troy and the section on medicine were particularly helpful. A huge thank you!"
Redcourt School

"A great show. The Viking section was particularly helpful and coverage of all the periods was excellent".
The Hall Primary School

"All our children thoroughly enjoyed the produciton. A clear history timeline and a very memorable presentation, particularly the songs."
Christ the King School

"The children really enjoyed themselves. Very informative and useful in teaching the periods and a great introduction to the topics. The Anglo Saxon scenes were highly useful."
Thumby Lodge Pimary School

"Fantastic - lots of facts and really child friendly. It will be extremely useful in teaching the period in school - ready for the children to be quizzed and reminded of the show throughout the topic."
Mercenfeld Primary School 

"A really great show and very useful for us teachers. It kept the students on the edge of their seats and covered everything we wanted from the topics. The songs were our favourite parts!"
Devi Sant School

"The pupils loved the show, especially the 3D effects. It will be very useful in teaching the periods. Thank you from us all!" 
Dyssyn Aman School

"We loved it. It was a wide-ranging introduction for KS2 and great revision for KS3. It really helped to bring Thermopylae and Salamis to life. Come again soon!"
Belfast High School

"Good use of comedy and up-to-date references. It covers a lot in an interesting way and gives children an insight into life as a Greek. We particularly liked the Greek myths and gods and our children loved Theseus and the Minotaur"
Antrim Primary

"This was a great start to our project on the Vikings. Now that the school History curriculum has changed, this Invaders theme will be in Primary schools for many years to come. I know we would love to visit again another year, knowing that we are coming to a show that definitely knows what it's doing."
William Shrewsbury Primary School