Birmingham Stage Company

Groovy Greeks and Ruthless Romans

14 January 2021 – 11 December 2021


"Fast-paced, irreverent and very, very funny – this is definitely the best history lesson ever. This was Ancient Greek history like you’ve never heard it before - with all the blood and guts that children want to know about. From the moment the voice of Horrible Histories creator Terry Deary boomed out across the theatre, it was breathless entertainment all the way. The show is superbly conceived to bring the stories to life. All hail Horrible Histories - an object lesson in every way!”
Southampton Daily Echo

“The always excellent Birmingham Stage Company are back with their winning formula: take a period of history, dig out the fascinating facts, sprinkle it with silly jokes, hand it over to energetic actors with perfect comic timing, throw in some 3D effects, mix it all together - and the result? A laughing, cheering, squealing audience. And that's just the grown-ups. Amidst all the fun and the farts, I learned something too - and I have a history degree. Engaging, slick and very, very funny, this educational show is highly recommended hilarity”.
Cambridge News

"The brilliance of this show is its ability to combine entertainment and education to tell the fascinating story of our ancestors - and the 3D visuals are incredibly impressive. The tagline for Horrible Histories is “history with the nasty bits left in” and this fantastic stage production is no exception!"
What’s On Darlington

 "A rollercoaster ride that kept even the youngest members of the audience gripped. Hilariously funny and grotesquely gruesome - the show is a marvel! An epic adventure of mythical proportions!"
Birmingham Mail


"As the arrows and severed heads fly, there's not a bored child in the house, especially the horrible little historians who bellow 'Yes!' when the centurion asks if he should throw a plucky Brit off the cliffs! 3D effects draw screams of delight (my daughter leaned over and whispered 'Brilliant!')"
Time Out

"Mortgage the school if you have to. Ramsom the governors, even. No child, or adult, should be denied the chance to see this: live theatre - and history - at its rip-roaring best."
Times Educational Supplement

"With evil emperors, killer kings and gory gladiators, not to mention the Bogglevision effects in the second half which had the audience dodging spears and rocks, this show is great fun. Birmingham Stage Company have turned Ruthless Romans into a stage show that manages to pull off the not-inconsiderable feat of being not only enormously entertaining but also improbably educational."
Manchester Evening News

"A broad, funny and surprisingly hard-hitting entertainment. The sheer novelty of 3D Bogglevision adds immeasurably to youthful excitement and makes this show something very special indeed!"
The Stage