Birmingham Stage Company

Danny the Champion of the World


Shows like this are what get youngsters interested in theatre at an early age. If only as much imagination and enthusiasm was put into adult theatre then perhaps it would have the same effect on everyone else.
Cambridge Evening News


The show held my seven year old daughter spellbound in her seat for two hours. It was well written and well cast and, true to Dahl?s spirit, never patronising to its audience.

The set is beautiful and dynamic with its dilapidated caravan and moving cars, there is live music and puppetry throughout the performance and the whole show runs at a cracking pace with plenty of laughs and suprises. This is family theatre at its best: unpretentious, entertaining and more fun for adults than you would anticipate? I was whooping and booing as loudly as the over excited children flanking me. In the spirit of Danny and his father, share an adventure with your child over the coming week by taking them to see this hugely entertaining production.
Local Secrets, Cambridge Edition