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Jacqueline Rogers - What a wonderful treat. The show was so well done, with some lovely authentic touches. The adults who watched the TV programme first time round were captivated but all the children in our audience were mesmerised and joined in with all the songs. My four year old declared he wants to come back every day in August, he loved it.

Julie Odell - I went with my 9 and 6 year old both of whom thought this was AMAZING! Great acting and singing. Thoroughly enjoyed!

Pamela Kelly - Beautifully crafted classic children’s theatre. Thank you for taking me back to childhood and bringing my kids into mine.

Sarah-Jane Finlayson - We took our 9 month old daughter to see Bagpuss and we all loved it. The storytelling, music, singing, lighting & other effects were all brilliant. I would recommend the show.

S & D Crosby - Very good show, well presented. Suited our 3 year old granddaughter as she had seen a Bagpuss DVD; nostalgic for her parents and us; - well worth going!

Carol Brackenridge - I don't have kids so felt a little awkward standing in a queue with lots of parent with small children. However we discovered we were not the only adults without kids in the show. There were lots of us!!!! The Bagpuss show was fantastic. It was very true to the original and the two actresses were extremely slick. Very, very good show.

Ian Kilpatrick - I confess to not seeing Bagpuss for a long time, however the girls performing the show certainly brought back the memories. An energetic show that captured my daughters imagination from start to finish.
Well done girls, great show.


There is as much to entertain the adults as there is to delight and enthrall the youngsters and their imagination
4 stars

There are so many things The Birmingham Stage Company have got right in this beautifully constructed production, it’s impossible to list them all
5 stars
The List

This show is a love letter to the importance of imagination - a show for the whole family
The Public Reviews

Two brilliantly engaging actresses bring the puppets to life on a beautifully designed set and the whole production is slick and professional
Informed Edinburgh

One of the best shows I have seen with my children. My two boys of 3 and 5 were totally transfixed by Emily's shop and the saggy clothcat. It is beautifully produced with total respect for the original - a pure treat for the imagination
Angels and Urchins

A genteel, lushly beautiful production that kept the children mesmerised
The Londonist

When the spotlight falls on Bagpuss, it is hard to know who is the most thrilled: the children or the parents. A wonderful concoction of puppets, slides, sing-a-longs, dressing-up and light effects. My children perched open-jawed on the edge of their seats!
Time Out

The performers deliver perfect replicas of the mice and Professor Yaffle - my children, aged one and three were mesmerised
The Guardian

A heartfelt paean to the redemptive qualities of imaginative childhood play
The Stage

Lovingly performed, with the exact replica of Emily's shop on the stage, this looks set to become a seasonal favourite. Bagpuss rocks!
The Independent

Time Out

By Rebecca Taylor - Dec 15 2010

When the spotlight first falls on a certain pink saggy cloth cat in the opening sequences of 'Bagpuss' at the Soho Theatre, it is hard to know who is the most thrilled: the children, or the parents.

Director Suzanne Gorman's whimsical production is a real nostalgia rush for parents who grew up watching the quirkily charming TV show in the 1970s, but its tales of discarded objects that are recycled and restored to use again are refreshingly pertinent.

The play is a wonderful concoction of puppets, slides, sing-a-longs, dressing-up and light and sound effects that will keep all but the tiniest children mesmerised. TO's pair of two-year-old critics who watched the show perched open-jawed on the edge of their seats for most of the production, restlessness only setting in towards the end of the hour-long running time.

At times the plot is a little unclear, but with all the excitement of whirling ballerinas, a bagpipe-playing Scotsman and a singing farmer we doubt the little ones noticed. The overall effect is rather otherworldly and bohemian - we think the late great Oliver Postgate would have approved.

Angels and Urchins - Parents Magazine, Clare Gill

This is one of the best shows I have seen with my children. Two boys of 3 and 5 who have seen Bagpuss only a couple of times were totally transfixed by Emily's old shop and the saggy old clothcat who came to life before their eyes. It is beautifully produced with total respect for the original. Everyone is in their place from the old cat,to the mice in the mouse organ, Madeleine the rag doll, and Professor Yaffle.

The theatre is intimate, totally child-friendly, and felt like a pure treat for the imagination. Suitable for under 7s and their nostalgic parents.

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