Birmingham Stage Company


28 June 2020

After three weeks in my living room, we’ve finished rehearsing Horrible Histories – Barmy Britain and we’re ready to perform. Which is going to be different because we’ll be performing in a car park to an audience sitting in their cars. It’s been great to work with Morgan and Adrian, with help from our designer Jackie who’s made sure our costumes are looking fabulous. We were supposed to be rehearsing Barmy Britain – Part Five! for the West End so it’s been great to fill the abyss with this unexpected production. Who knows where else it may pop up in the coming months? The show contains the best scenes from the first three Barmy shows so it’s been wonderful to revisit them – and especially joyous to be doing them with Morgan, with whom I last performed Horrible Histories at Hampton Court Palace. This time it’s going to be different!

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