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The Joy of Comedy

7 April 2013

It's happened again! Alison Fitzjohn and I have been performing BARMY BRITAIN since May last year. We have learnt a huge amount since those first performances and the learning continues: while performing at Kensington Palace last week we accidentally split one of the lines between us - and got a laugh which the line had never received before. We deliberately repeated the mistake the next night and sure enough the laugh was there again. It's one of the glorious mysteries of comedy that we will never know why this particular line normally said by one person is suddenly much funnier when split between the two of us. It's why doing the same show for twelve months remains as interesting now as it was in the opening week: the production has never become a finished product - we've discovered something new from every single performance. It's a show unlike anything I've done before. And it's another example of the joy of working with Alison Fitzjohn

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