Birmingham Stage Company

The Crown Estate

24 March 2020

In times of crisis, it doesn’t take long for people to reveal their colours. We have received so many wonderful messages of support from around the world, it has been a truly extraordinary few days. The determination of people to battle through this crisis is overwhelming. But not everyone is so generous. Today we received word that in the face of this national catastrophe, the Commissioners in control of The Crown Estate are demanding full rent on our now empty office which the government has instructed us not to use. In its entry in Wikipedia, The Crown Estate says it is one of the largest property managers in the United Kingdom, administering property worth £14 billion. But despite abruptly losing all our income when the nation’s theatres closed, and despite the government’s instructions to stay at home to help save lives, The Crown Estate want their money – in full. It seems that being an exemplary tenant for twenty-two years counts for nothing. Their demands could well sink my company, so we will fight for our survival. Whatever it takes, Your Majesty!   

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