Birmingham Stage Company


27 March 2020

The weather this week has been so glorious I have taken to watching the sunset each evening, and I realised tonight that I am experiencing a little death. It is the death of everything I am used to doing each day. Instead I am left with much simpler activities and there has been a great deal to enjoy about it. But it also remains possible that my life will never return to the activities that have filled my days and weeks for the last thirty-five years. The fortunate thing for someone my age is that I’m able to think about thirty-five years of doing what I love. So if it has all come to an end, then I am indeed lucky to have experienced all the joy that theatre offers to those who spend their lives within its sphere. One day it may all restart and I’ll continue to spend my time immersed in the joy of creating, rehearsing and performing a play, with some of the greatest people life has to offer. But as I watched the sun set over the fields this evening, I felt a need to accept that my life may go down a different path from here and if it turns out to be the case, it will be just fine, too: I’ve always liked to look at the sunset.

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