Birmingham Stage Company


21 September 2020

We had a marvellous weekend at Soulton Hall. Three performances of Barmy Britain and the chance to stay overnight in an original Tudor room with a 20 degree slope that meant you literally had to climb into bed. The organiser was Tim Ashton, a farmer by trade who having broken his leg, decided to create a series of cultural events to help the arts and invited us to join the party. The weather was kind and we had a joyous couple of days performing within a walled garden with Soulton Hall providing a magnificent backdrop. We learnt that the original owner Roland Hill had been imprisoned in the Tower of London for a short while, which made us feel even more at home having performed in the Tower last year. While all around things are collapsing, we’re wonderfully lucky to have the chance to perform in such marvellous surroundings, looked after so well, with sold out audiences. Thank you Tim for your inspired season of events.

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