Birmingham Stage Company


21 December 2020

Producing theatre in 2020 is like rowing a small boat through a storm. Our drive in tour of Horrible Christmas is almost half way through but new restrictions are creating turmoil. It’s a peculiar feeling to be performing as normal in many cities while others are closing down. We are seeking guidance from the Department for Media, Culture and Sport but even they lack the information we need to know how to proceed. The audiences are loving the show and the feedback has been tremendous. We’re often performing three shows a day and for the most part the weather has been kind, the mild temperature making it easier to stand backstage in your pyjamas and dressing gown in December. I’ve worked out where to position myself to avoid the stiff breeze that gets into all the wrong places when doing three quick changes. Our fantastic company remains buoyant despite three weeks isolated together - it’s difficult to think of another group who could have coped so well. The tour bus has a lovely lounge area that you can relax and sleep in and the caterers have served up truly delicious food every single meal which hugely bolsters morale. The tour ends in exactly two weeks and we really hope we can get to the finish line. As Peter Brook says – hold on tightly!

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