Birmingham Stage Company


9 April 2021

I’ve just had the funniest line-run of my life as we prepare to start three tours next week on the day the country reopens! We’ve been rehearsing Billionaire Boy for three weeks in preparation for a car park tour of the UK and the show then heads into the West End. It’s been a joyous process, with a really lovely company who have taken the show to the next level. Meanwhile two of our newest actors, who were supposed to start touring last March, will finally be on the road with one of our Barmy Britain tours, while myself and Morgan embark on another Barmy tour, with Georgians and Victorians thrown in for good measure. I’ve been a director for the last couple of months so it will be wonderful to be stretching the acting muscles in front of an audience for the first time in three and half months. I’ve so enjoyed the past few weeks in the countryside – this evening I listened to a multitude of birds as the sun set through the trees; said hello to the neighbour’s curious shire horses; fed the tentative pheasant and watched a bat fly over the stream. We have a day off tomorrow before the next adventure begins, so if you’re coming to any of the car parks, get ready with your car horn!

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