Birmingham Stage Company

Horrible Times

8 July 2013

It was only today as I sat on a bench overlooking Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge that it occurred to me that over the weekend BSC has been performing in London's Hyde Park, Derby, the Isle of Wight and Sydney Opera House. It's just a little extraordinary that a company whose only ambition is to put on good shows should be performing throughout the world, not forgetting Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai earlier this year. Yet the spirit of the company remains unchanged. Two weeks ago we performed BARMY BRITAIN at the Chalke Valley Farm history festival and it was one of the happiest days of my life. Surrounded by fabulous personalities including Charles Moore and Martin Brown, and playing to a packed tent of 700 people, in the heart of the British countryside, it could only be topped by the best burger I've had this year! The sun was shining, the kids were smiling and you couldn't have picked a better spot for a theatre event in Britain. I am hoping BSC will always be happy in whatever tent or theatre we are performing. So long as the audiences are as great as we've experienced this year, it doesn't matter where we pitch up. I think all of us involved in the events of 2013 - big and small - are feeling very lucky indeed!

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