Birmingham Stage Company


4 February 2021

Once again we’re trying to do the impossible and stage theatre in a pandemic. Today we’ve gone on sale with our Drive-In production of David Walliams’ Billionaire Boy which we plan to stage over Easter. We keep checking ticket sales and it’s had a great start. With the experience of Horrible Christmas behind us we can ensure we keep the risk to a minimum and even if we only break even it will be worthwhile to bring theatre back into people’s lives. Meanwhile rehearsals are about to continue with our Horrible Histories production of Gorgeous Georgians and Vile Victorians, and I am trying to finish one of my new Horrible Histories scripts which I started during the crisis – only one scene to go, but it’s the hardest! It’s strange to say but I’ve hardly drawn breath since April as we have battled to keep going. So far everything has worked against the odds and it’s wonderful to feel the creative energy that is bursting out from everyone involved with our shows, both the immediate and forthcoming. The reason so many of us want to be involved in theatre is to be able to express all aspects of ourselves and share it with a collective audience - which is why there is a such a strong yearning amongst the creative industry to connect with people. That yearning has only grown stronger and more determined as these months have flown by. We want to get out there – we just need the nod.

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