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2010 and all that

29 November 2010

The BSC has had an extraordinary year. Back in January things were still tough but in October 2009 we had turned the corner and were fighting back against the recession. It's interesting being an unfunded company in the midsts of a downturn - every ticket counts!

As the year progressed it got more and more exciting. TWELFTH NIGHT was a dream as it travelled around Syria and the UAE; GEORGE'S MARVELLOUS MEDICINE continued it's extraordinary run around Britain and is about to arrive in London; HORRIBLE SCIENCE did the impossible and actually made science fun; THE FIREWORK-MAKER'S DAUGHTER followed and is flaming amazement on the audience in Birmingham - a real show of the imagination; the long-awaited production of BAGPUSS opens in a week at Soho Theatre, and HORRIBLE HISTORIES beckons with a new Ruthless Romans script by Ciaran McConville; the cast of SKELLIG are starting to receive their visa's from the US Embassy for the trip to New York and THE JUNGLE BOOK starts rehearsing the morning we get back. Meanwhile....a secret new project is about to be launched in January....!

Nine productions, with the same creative team creating wonders, plus new faces adding to the magic.

All of it financed by you, the great British public - and our friends in the UAE who love Shakespeare. We make a good team!

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