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My teacher Christopher Jefferies, wrongly arrested for the murder of Joanna Yeates in Bristol, gave an excellent talk last week on the British media. At the time I was astonished how even broadsheets wilfully peddle lies simply to corroborate a story they are determined to tell, no matter how misleading. The Daily Telegraph reported that [...]
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What’s the point

In an article about the incredible Alice Herz-Sommer who I had never heard of before, I was touched by what Stephen Hough wrote about what music can achieve: “To lift us out of ourselves, to point beyond, to awaken a sense of the ‘other’.” I think the very best theatre strives for the same thing – to [...]
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I didn’t realise how moving it would be to see clothes from Tudor times which are now on display at a wonderful exhibition of Elizabethan’s at the National Portrait Gallery. There is something strangely poingnant about looking at an ordinary cloth cap worn over four hundred years ago and even more remarkably the jacket of [...]
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Horrible Times

It was only today as I sat on a bench overlooking Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge that it occurred to me that over the weekend BSC has been performing in London’s Hyde Park, Derby, the Isle of Wight and Sydney Opera House. It’s just a little extraordinary that a company whose only ambition [...]
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I love it when my stupidity is revealed in all its glory. I went to Kingston yesterday to see PROPELLER’s production of Twelfth Night (incidentally a classic case in my view of a company which has no interest whatsoever in getting underneath the characters or the story but loves to busy itself with tricks and [...]
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Interesting! Once again it feels like the entire audience are committed fans who have seen the show fifty times, as everyone is falling about laughing/cheering before the lights have come up. Personally, I thought the production and cast were fantastic – one of the best West End casts I’ve seen for a long time. Boy, [...]
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Margaret Thatcher

I’m finding the exhaustive discussions about Margaret Thatcher very interesting, because in essence it’s a discussion about Britain over the last forty years – who we are, how we got here, what do we want for our country and how do we see ourselves as a nation. Whatever we think of her, it clearly shows [...]
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The joy of comedy

It’s happened again! Alison Fitzjohn and I have been performing BARMY BRITAIN since May last year. We have learnt a huge amount since those first performances and the learning continues: while performing at Kensington Palace last week we accidentally split one of the lines between us – and got a laugh which the line had [...]
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Time to lay off the bankers?

Nearly five years after the crash, we are being urged by some quarters to stop bashing the bankers. The men (and they are mostly men) who brought the world to its knees in an exercise of hubris, greed and plain deceit are asking to be left alone. Given the pain and misery they created for [...]
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How a building can change your life

I’ve just returned from a fabulous speech given by John Harrison at The Old Rep Theatre, as part of the Birmingham Repertory Theatre’s 100th anniversary. Deprived of their own building while it is being redeveloped, the Rep have remembered The Old Rep and used it as the base to celebrate their centenary. John started his [...]
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