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Monthly Archives: February 2011

We love George

We’ve received some wonderful comments from Laburnam Grove Junior School who saw George’s Marvellous Medicine in Worthing. My favourite is: It really made us laugh when Grandma grew and grew and went through the roof and then when she shrank away to nothing. Our teachers said they would like some of us to shrink away [...]
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It’s showcase season and I am trying to see them all – but I hope never to see anything like the final showcase of Queen Margaret. The course is closing this year and not before time if the direction of the showcase is anything to go by. The actors appear to have been asked to do every scene [...]
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It’s a wonderful experience to see great acting from the new generation and watching Benedict Cumberbatch in AFTER THE DANCE was the most exciting performance I’d seen on stage since Matthew Macfadyen in MUCH ADO, so I was greatly anticipating Ben C as the Creature in Frankenstein. The roles of Frankenstein and the Creature are being swapped nightly [...]
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A word about Groupon,which is sweeping the nation. If you are a business, I would suggest you think carefully before dealing with the most incompetent and disorganised company I have ever come across. We have yet to find anyone in the organisation who knows what they’re talking about. Their one field of expertise seems to be [...]
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