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Monthly Archives: January 2009

World War

I don’t think there can be a harder subject to bring to the stage than the First World War – an utterly futile and hopeless episode in human history. Even harder to bring it before an audience of 11+ teenagers, who must be slightly bewildered and perhaps a little jaded by the black and white [...]
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Every so often you’re reminded that drama has a power way beyond the obvious. Yesterday I held a workshop for WHY THE WHALES CAME with an entire school, about two hundred 4yr olds to 11yr olds. I asked them to show me their best scary face. Having picked out eight kids of all ages, I [...]
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I still can’t quite believe that a black man is now President of the United States. It still feels like a dream. One sometimes loses hope about the human race, but occasionally we defy the sceptics and take an undeniable step forward in the advancement of humanity.
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Once again…

Once again I’ve been bowled over by the standard of our understudys who have been out in force this week. Hasan Dixon took the role of Mowgli on Friday and delivered a tremendous performance. While Andrew Thompson was playing the lead role of Daniel in Why The Whales Came last Tuesday and was back on [...]
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Richard Dreyfuss

My friend, who is not an actor, had an interesting point of view concerning the fuss over the delayed opening of COMPLICIT: “Surely RD unsteady with his lines is still more enjoyable to watch than a lot of actors who are on top of their lines?” Certainly a view that could start a debate…!
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The Dice House

The latest production of THE DICE HOUSE opens on Tuesday. It’s already selling well, so if you fancy it, get yourself down to Islington!
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Jack Lemmon

Richard Dreyfuss’ performance in COMPLICIT reminded me of Jack Lemmon in VETERAN’S DAY in 1989. Another extraordinary performance by an actor who was very much having to fill the void left by a weak play. I have rarely seen an actor working so hard in all my life! It was brilliant and humbling. I was [...]
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Richard Dreyfuss

I went to see Richard Dreyfuss in COMPLICIT at The Old Vic last week. It was their third preview and a fascinating evening of theatre: RD is not yet on top of lines – he has a lot! But it was the sort of performance you don’t see on the English stage very often – [...]
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I have fallen in love with an American cop series called THE SHIELD. It has certainly the best scripts, the best filming and the best acting that I have seen on TV in a loooooong time! Having tuned in late into the series, I was always behind on some of the plot, so I bought [...]
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