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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Education is dangerous

I spent the weekend with my friend. When it began to rain heavily, her five year old daughter began to cry. As the rain grew harder, her distress increased. She put her hands over her eyes. She looked terrified. “She cries when it rains heavily” explained my friend. “Why?” I asked. “Two months ago they [...]
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Richard Harris

I bumped into the Rachel Fielding last night. We were both at drama school together. Rachel and her husband Paul Rattigan were cast in HENRY IV with Richard Harris and on the first day of rehearsals Richard was there to welcome everyone into the company. “Hello, who are you?” he asked as the beautiful Rachel [...]
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One of my biggest regrets is that I never put money on my prediction in 1993 that Tony Blair should be the Labour leader and with him they would win the next three elections, with the fourth one (the next one!) becoming interesting. This is when John Smith was leader of the party. Can you [...]
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The Pain and the Itch at The Royal Court

Acclaimed. Hyped. Sold out. Sadly I can only talk about the pain. I do not know what the rehearsal period involved. I have no idea what the director Dominic Cooke was trying to get out of his actors (a cast that included one of my favourite actors) – but for the first 30 minutes he [...]
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I’ve just seen the new PIRATES movie. What a mess! How can you waste so much money on such convaluted, unengaging, over-produced rubbish. It’s strange: if you wait until the end of the credits, there is a final short scene in which you can see the kernal of an engaging story. So why didn’t they [...]
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