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Monthly Archives: October 2006

Good news

For those of you who know Tim Speyer – hurrah! He has just become engaged to Rachel! Much love to both!
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George’s Marvellous Medicine is going to Malta in three weeks. We’ve been told that most performances have already sold out. This is the first time a show for children has been staged in Malta. I will be reprising my role as Grandma, one of British literature’s greatest creations. Watch out, children of Malta: Grandma is [...]
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Unadulterated madness

The Arts Council have funded an artist to furnish a room in a gallery with nothing. And the ‘artistic’ premise behind this empty room? In order that visitors can reflect upon their memories of art which they have seen in other museums. Have we finally reached the nadir of what is classified as ‘art’? Public [...]
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We’ve been nominated for awards twice this year and I’m not sure I like it. Effectively, a group of people nominate you for their award and then invite you to come to their ceremony so that they can tell you that you haven’t won. They know you haven’t won before they invite you, so why [...]
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The Art of Acting

Something I’ve often noticed: how little actors talk about the art of acting. Rudi Shelley, the world’s greatest acting teacher, taught me a great technique. If you are in an emotional scene, don’t try and repeat the emotion. Repeat the thought and the emotion will follow. If you try and find the emotion alone, you [...]
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Something I’ve noticed a lot during the run of PROOF and after recent productions including COLLISION and THE RETURN: seeing the look of shock on people’s faces after the show. People are startled that the show has connected with them so powerfully. I can only assume this is because people have got so used to [...]
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What an extraordinary night. The last night of PROOF. Last nights are very rarely the best nights. In most cases, the actors tend to go a little awry with the emotion or push too strongly. Not tonight. The indomitable Sally Oliver, in the lead role, charted our course with the stoicism that has characterised her [...]
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Third week

After two great performances in London, PROOF begins its final week in Birmingham. It has been a dream production in every way and I’m going to miss it. But before I miss it, I get to do it four more times on Norman Coates’ wonderful set in the wonderful Old Rep Theatre.
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