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Monthly Archives: June 2006


Sunday at the Palace was as delightful as any day could be. The atmosphere inside the Palace walls was relaxed and peaceful. It had a strange calm, surrounded as it is by the busiest roads in London. And so unfolded one of the most wonderful days one could imagine. Our company were in great form, [...]
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Just when you think it can’t get any better, you get invited to LA for the premiere of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN in Disneyland! Which is taking place on the same weekend you’re going to Buckingham Palace! Don’t you just love it when two things come along at once! The theatre conference was excellent. The [...]
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As if our forthcoming visit to Buckingham Palace wasn’t enough, we now hear that Cherie and Leo Blair came to see GEORGE’S MARVELLOUS MEDICINE in Aylesbury last week! Clearly the time is not far away when I will be writing as Dame Foster!
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I could get used to touring! This is going to be the longest time I’ve been out of the office in fourteen years. There’s a certain stress at not being at the point of contact for everyone, but there are marvellous compensations. It’s great to be doing two different shows – there is no sense [...]
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Have you ever opened two new shows on the same day? Have you ever had to say every other line in both of them? With sixteen costume changes in each show? Neither had I until Tuesday, when we opened The Terrible Tudors and The Vile Victorians on the same day! I now know what it [...]
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I’ve just received the brochure for the panel discussion I’ve been invited to join in Ireland’s Theatre Forum conference. The panel includes Stewart Lee (writer of Jerry Springer the Opera) Janet Steel (the director of Behzti) and the director Peter Sellars. That’s what you call a line-up! I’m already interested to know what they’re going [...]
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